Resident User Guide

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Add / Edit / Delete WorkTime™ Logs

Easily view and make adjustments to  recorded shifts

Toggle WorkZones Off

Disable the automatic recording of hours for any WorkZone™

Ignore Recorded Hours at Home

For those who live in close proximity to a WorkZone™ where they record clinical hours

Resident User Guide

Dashboard Screen

Work Hour Summary

View current shift hours and current week hours

WorkForce™ Overview

Streamline communication by quickly identifying who is “IN” or “OUT” to assist with consults or procedures

WorkZones Overview

Quickly view all WorkZones™ that are associated with your program or institution

Resident User Guide

WorkTime™ Screen

View Specific Shift Information

View detailed shift information, including date, WorkZone™, entry & exit time, shift and duration

Scroll To View Prior Shifts

Click the shift selector and scroll to see all prior shifts. Click view details below to learn more.

Add / Edit / Delete Logs

Stay in control of your logs. Residents have the ability to add, edit or delete any recorded log.

Resident User Guide

WorkZones™ Screen

View WorkZones™ and  Boundaries

All WorkZones™ and their boundaries are displayed in the app, providing full transparency to users.

Toggle WorkZones™ On and Off

Turn off the automatic recording of work hours for any WorkZone™.

Privacy By Design

Location information is processed on the device. Specific location coordinates are never passed to the ResQ server.

Resident User Guide

WorkForce™ Screen

Designed To Streamline Consults And Communication

Ever spend time trying to locate a staff member only to learn they are not on site? Quickly identify who is physically on-site and connect with them immediately.

View Colleagues “IN” Or “OUT” Of  WorkZones™

WorkForce™ only displays “IN” or “OUT” status so residents can identify on-site team members quickly.

Sort By Resident Or Program To Save Time

Use the WorkForce™ search function  to identify staff by name or within a particular program.

Resident User Guide

Profile Screen

View Profile Information

Edit profile information and choose to display or hide your phone number within the WorkForce™ screen by clicking the lock icon.

Enable Notifications & Ignore Duty Hours at Home

Click the Settings tab to endable notifications, notification sounds and the Ignore Duty Hours at Home function (if necessary)

Change Password

Easily change your ResQ password from within the app.

Resident User Guide


Temporarily Disable Automated Hours

Studying on campus after a shift? Entering a WorkZone™ on poersonal time? Use AwayMode™ to temporarily disable the automatic recording of work hours.

Set A Reminder To Resume Recording

Set a reminder and AwayMode™ will deliver a notification when it is time to resume recording work hours.

Manually Disable AwayMode™ At Any Time

Click the location icon on the Dashboard screen to resume recording work hours automatically.

Resident User Guide

Help Center

Report An Issue Directly From The App

Notice something that doesn’t look right within the app? Logs look a little funky? Use the Help Center to report a technical issue so it can be resolved

Submit A Request To Add Or Change A WorkZone™

Occasionally a WorkZone™ needs to be added or a boundary need to be adjusted. Submit a request to let us know.

Read FAQ’s And View Tutorials

Click here to view FAQ screen

Resident User Guide

Analytics & Wellness

Work Hour Information Delivered Weekly

Residents automatically receive an email summarizing their work hours every Monday morning. The reports include total hours for the week, average hours over the prior 4 weeks and 24, 28, and 80 hour violations. as well as their average weekly hours for the prior 4 weeks.

Read More About ResQ Analytics

ResQ Wellness Score™

The ResQ Wellness Score™ is a proprietary algorithm estimating the level of resident burnout due to accumulated work hours, shift duration and the duration of breaks between shifts. This data is collected and analyzed automatically by the ResQ system. (Click to view Wellness Score™ screen)

Read More About The ResQ Wellness Score™