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In order to make sure our credential emails get delivered to everyone it is important for our email domain information to be whitelisted from the IT department. The information they should need is listed below:

From Email addresses for whitelisting:

Email Subject Lines for whitelisting:

“ResQ Analytics: Weekly Snapshot”
“ResQ Medical: User Account Credentials”
“ResQ Medical: Forgot Password”

IP Address that ResQ emails are associated with:



Once ResQ has setup the WorkZones and user profiles, we can launch the app to the residents:

  • ResQ is available for iPhone or Android. For the best overall user experience, we recommend students use an iPhone device.
  • Once we set up the administrator profiles, administrators can use the “Invite To Use ResQ” feature so learners/trainees can sign in for the first time.  Administrators can access the Invite to Use feature after they have signed in to the portal and clicking the envelope icon. ResQ user credentials will be delivered to each student.
  • Once ResQ has been installed on the student’s device, they should confirm Location Services settings are set to “ALWAYS”. Due to recent changes to iOS software, it is important for users to check their location permissions. Setting the Location Services permission to “Always” must occur in order for the ResQ app to function appropriately. To check location permissions, residents can follow these steps:

 For iPhone:

  •  Go to “Settings”
  •  Scroll to the bottom and click “ResQ”
  • Click “Location”
  • Click “Always”


For Android:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Location
  • Click ResQ Medical
  • Click “Permissions”
  • Click Location
  • Click “Allow all the time”


After a student or program administrator signs in for the first time, they automatically receive a welcome email with information about ResQ. Another great resource for information about the app is our online Resident User Guide.

Residents can access our support function at any point by clicking the “?” icon within the app. Outside of the app, we offer a web based support page.

Resident Onboarding Video (2 min) 

ResQ Privacy Promise (1 min)

Getting Started Guide

Resident User Guide

Comprehensive Work Hours Solution Brochure

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