Toggle WorkZones™ Allows Residents To Control Any WorkZone™

Similar to AwayMode™ and Ignore Duty Hours at Home, Toggle WorkZones™ is the latest feature to give residents control of their work hours (Version 1.30.5 is required). AwayMode™ allows residents to temporarily disable recording work hours among all WorkZones™ for a short period of time. Ignore Duty Hours at Home specifically ignores WorkZones™ in proximity to where a resident lives. Toggle WorkZones™ is our latest development; it allows residents to turn off the automatic recording of work hours for any WorkZone™.

When a WorkZone™ is created, it is utilized by the entire institution, not a specific program. We built the Toggle WorkZones™ feature because for some institutions, there are a number of residents who will never have a need to record work hours at certain WorkZones™.

Here’s How it Works

The Toggle WorkZones™ feature can be enabled simply by swiping left on the name of any WorkZone™.

When the name of the WorkZone™ is swiped left, a “Toggle Time Tracking” button will appear on the right side of the WorkZone™. Clicking “Toggle Time Tracking” will turn off automatic recording of hours for that particular WorkZone™.

Once Toggle WorkZones™ is selected, a strike through will appear and work hours will never record upon entry to that specific WorkZone. If a resident ever has a need to automatically record work hours at that WorkZone™ again, they can simply swipe left a second time. The strikethrough will disappear and hours will once again record automatically for that WorkZone.™

Unsure which version of the app you are running? Open ResQ, go to the Profile screen, click “settings” and check the bottom of the screen.