Ignore Duty Hours at Home

From time to time we hear from residents that hours are inadvertently recording while they are at home. This can occur based on a residents proximity to a WorkZone™ where they don’t actually work. If a user encounters this experience, it can be quickly resolved by following a few steps.

1. Login to your institution’s ResQ server using the institution ID, followed by .resqmedical.com (i.e. https://lomalinda.resqmedical.com). Note that this part will need to occur from a computer since the institution’s server sites are not yet designed for mobile visits (we are working on this).

2. Edit your profile by clicking on your username in the top-right corner. 

3. Add your home address to your profile and click “Save”.

4. Grab your iPhone and open the ResQ app.  Visit the Profile screen and click “Settings” in the bottom-left.  Check the “Ignore Duty Hours at Home” option and save by clicking the check mark in the top-right corner.

After completing these steps, hours will no longer record while you are at home.