Frequently Asked Questions

How Does ResQ Automatically Log Work Hours?

ResQ™ is an iPhone app that logs work hours by linking the users location with the time of day. WorkZones are virtual boundaries created around hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics. When the users enter a WorkZone the system automatically records the entry time and when the user exits a WorkZone the system automatically records the exit time.

What happens if I walk out of the WorkZone™ momentarily, go to lunch or walk across campus? Does the system account for this?

Yes. The system will account for trips across campus or short outings. The system can be configured to maintain accurate time even when a user is in between WorkZones™.

What happens if my phone goes dead? Will it lose track of my work hours?

If your phone goes dead inside a Workzone™ and is turned back on before you leave, you hours will be automatically logged as usual. If your phone goes dead and is turned back on after you leave the Workzone™, the time at which you turned your phone back on will be marked as your exit time from that Workzone™, and you may have to edit your hours. Similarly, if you enter the Workzone™ with a dead phone, your entry won’t be recorded until it is powered on.

Does ResQ allow anyone to track my specific location?

No. The ResQ™ software is specifically designed to maintain the privacy of the users. It does not allow anyone to know your specific location. It only indicates if the user is INSIDE or OUTSIDE of the defined WorkZones™. Read more about our Privacy Promise.

Will outside parties be able to link specific work hour data to our institution?

No. ResQ™ does not share any identifiable data with outside entities. The data is only seen only by your medical institution to aid in analytics and improve the duty hours process.

What happens if a resident goes over their work hours? Will the data be used to reprimand the resident or the institution?

No. The ResQ™  system was designed by a resident who experienced the challenges of providing optimal patient care while meeting work hour restrictions. In the event of work hour overages the system includes alerts to notify the resident when they are reaching their work hour limits. 

What are the components of the ResQ System? Does my hospital have to make changes to infrastructure and purchase hardware?

No, their is no need to make any changes to hospital infrastructure or purchase any hardware to operate the ResQ™ System. ResQ™ is a cloud based solution that requires only the use of an iPhone and a computer with internet access. No additional hardware purchases need to be made by the hospital, nor are there any changes in infrastructure required.

What is the best way for a user to ensure that their WorkTime™ is logged properly when a user enters and exit a WorkZone™?

The ResQ System requires using cellular capability, but always having Wi-Fi enabled is the most accurate way to ensure a user’s time is recorded properly.

What if I am in the library studying and I don't want my hours to be recorded?

Your hours are yours, and we have features that give you control over if they will be recorded or not. The first feature is called “Away Mode”, when activated it well turn off the automatic hour logging in your app for the length of time that you select. The second feature is that you can always edit your recorded hours in MedHub prior to submitting them. 

How will users be able to tell where my hours are being automatically logged?

The ResQ Medical™ platform is designed to be transparent to users. You can view all of the locations where work hours are automatically logged for users in your program simply by looking at the list of  Workzones™ in your profile tab in the app. Also, any time an existing Workzone™ is changed or a new Workzone™ is added you will receive a notification letting you know as soon as it happens.

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