ResQ Wellness Score™ Measures Program Health

The ResQ Wellness Score™ is a proprietary algorithm estimating the level of resident burnout due to accumulated work hours, shift duration, and the duration of breaks between shifts. Based on the score generated to monitor well-being, residency programs and administrators now benefit by receiving an overall average Wellness Score™.

This average score of all users is designed to measure the overall wellness of the program. Program administrators signed up with ResQ now receive an overall average Wellness Score™ for their program. The information delivered to administrators includes average number of residents, average number of hours worked, average number of shifts, average shift duration, and average breaks between shifts.

The ResQ Wellness Score™ is the first of its kind to provide both residents and administrators an objective measure of health based on work hour data. It is part of the ever-growing ResQ analytics platform to allow residents and administrators the ability to measure wellness and identify trends related to physician well-being.

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