Simplifying Life for Residents

Designed By A Resident For Residents

ResQ is an innovative application designed to improve the lives of residents.  ResQ was designed by a resident physician to ease the administrative burden associated with documenting and reporting duty hours.  The application is installed on the users smartphone and automatically records duty hours when the user crosses the threshold of the work place. As such, it’s no longer necessary for residents to spend what little free time they have recalling and inputting duty hours.

ResQ is committed to the development of a resident centric product.  Every aspect of the application is designed with the resident in mind and we continue to utilize user feedback to optimize functionality and ensure user privacy. Residents can use ResQ on their own smartphones with no major changes or installations within the hospital. ResQ is battery friendly, maintains complete privacy, and is changing the industry standards for work hour collection. 

We are confident that our innovative product will improve resident physicians lives.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Without question, ResQ simplified as both a resident and fellow by alleviating my inbox of numerous email “reminders” to log my duty hours from program directors.  As a busy orthopedic surgery trainee, “logging my hours” was never on my mind, and rarely even an after thought.  Hours were logged after numerous “nasty-grams” from my program directors for the sole purpose of avoiding ACGME red flags and site checks, further infuriating me and reducing my motivation.  ResQ changed all that by automatically logging my arrival and departure from work, accurately, and without phone battery drain.  My specific location was always kept private and never viewed by others.  Ultimately, logging hours was no longer a responsibility of mine.  Thus, ResQ made my life simpler and better.  I would recommend it to anyone.”

Orrin Franko, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

ResQ is revolutionizing the way that resident work hours are tracked and understood. Previously, work hours were dependent on resident reporting. This led to inaccuracy due to errors in memory and, often, culture pressure from programs to report lower-than-actual hours. With ResQ, hours can be objectively tracked, increasing accuracy and decreasing the angst that can be associated with reporting work hour violations.”

Timothy Schmidt, MD, PhD

Internal Medicine, PGY-2



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