WorkTime™ - ResQ Time Logs

ResQ™ offers a revolutionary, automated smartphone system designed to streamline time keeping, time management, and delivery of care. The ResQ™ Time Log is a patent pending system that functions in real time using proprietary technology. It allows hospitals to simplify the way hours are logged for hospital staff automatically with unprecedented accuracy.

A unique feature of ResQ™ is designed to simplify the lives of residents and their administrators by using this technology to support compliance with ACGME guidelines.

EFFORTLESS. Log in by walking in

With WorkTime™, no computer log in, punch card, or action is required to clock in. Simply walk across a WorkZone™ boundary, established by an administrator, and you are automatically logging hours.


TIME SAVING. Increase productivity

WorkTime™  eases administrators lives and saves hospital staff time. Rather than spending time on the administrative tasks of manually logging work hours, ResQ™ allows clinicians and nurses to spend more time on patient care.

USER FRIENDLY. Easy everything

Clinicians and hospital staff can use ResQ™ on their own iPhones with no reliance on changes in hospital infrastructure or facility changes.  ResQ™ is changing the industry standards for work hour collection. WorkTime™ helps teaching hospitals meet duty hour demands while remaining focused on education and patient care.

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